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ABOUT the wisdom in the cross 隱藏在十字中的智慧

This website is introducing the ancient wisdom of the cross. This wisdom was hidden in Chinese five elements philosophy for almost 5,000 years!  The discovery of the cross in the five elements was presented by Dr.Timothy  Tin in the booklet of The Gospel of Five Elements. 

十字之道早已隱藏在中國五千年的五行學說之中, 在中土之中就是以十字為中心! 神以塵土造男造女之後, 人類就是平衡大地的主人, 首先是男女的和諧相處才能建立和平安康的家庭, 然後人類要與周圍環境和諧相處以達到生態的平衡發展, 天地人事物的互通互應! 欲瞭解更多五行中的智慧請參閱田森傑醫師所著 "五行福音"

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